Who Goes First

by - October 20, 2011

I’m sure by now it’s crossed your mind that someone has to make the first move. That someone in your marriage who goes first might be taking a huge risk because that someone could be tired of getting hurt or disappointed. But let me tell you what we both know.
If you don’t go first, you are not assured that your spouse will.

Because, although I’ve been driving home the point that these marriage roles are supposed to represent our relationship to Christ, no man is Christ. And although we can count on Jesus to always do the right thing and be the One to go first, we can’t always expect the people in our lives to. Nor will we be perfect in this toward our loved ones.
But somebody has to go first. And Jesus did that for us.
He took the risk, and went to the cross before anyone in real time or space could look to his sacrifice there, see salvation, then bend the knee and repent in response.
Jesus took the risk. He did whatever it took to be obedient. He had to go first to restore us to the Father.

Take Home: Are you willing to be the first to make changes in the way you treat your spouse in order to restore your marriage?

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  1. Even if you have a great marriage it is always good to remember to be a servant. Shake things up a bit.Be the first to say, " I love you". Or to go get the kids. . .again, with out complaining. Just a little something. . .


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