The Difference Prayer Makes

by - October 26, 2011

Yesterday, I prayed for marriages, many of them. I made the offer, and people found me on Facebook: old friends, new friends, men, women, family members, and people I've never even met in real life. Some who have ministered to me in the past, others who knew me as a girl and never once saw me do anything overtly Christian. Some whose marriages I know are troubled. Some who are much further down the road of life than I. Some that I pray with regularly and still others I've never prayed for before.

I wanted to offer hope to those whose marriages might be in need. I think that happened. I hope so. I may have even prayed for a few marriages that are already strong.

But what I didn't expect was to be bowled over by the experience myself. Just that you said yes! You knew I was going to pray right there in cyber-public -- about you marriages for Pete's sake -- and you asked anyway. Some private messaged me about other issues, some offered prayers for me instead. But every response left me in awe of you. Each of you who reached out and even those who didn't but really, really wanted to.

And it was surprisingly humbling. Prayers were whispered and promises were remembered. Prayers will be heard, and life-love will be the answer. Seemingly spontaneous -- because the dark places just don't seem  so dark and lonely anymore. All of a sudden, they're aflutter with life and love on the wing of prayer.

Sarah just might have been on to something. The joy of it does kind of make you laugh happy.

Take Home:  Will you keep praying?

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  1. What a beautiful photo...and I love that you are praying for marriages, Dawn. That is just simply wonderful.

    Speaking of marriages...I saw a fb post about your husband in Guatemala -- did he arrive safely? I hope you have heard from him by now!

  2. Wonderful testimony! Prayer changes me, too.

  3. An honor and a gift to pray. A way to come together speaking the same language. Thank you for the opportunity. . .


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