by - October 09, 2011

Are you feeling discouraged? It’s not my intention to discourage, but if you have a cancer, it must be seen for what is. Cancer is a killer if left untreated, and it’s imperative to combat it as such if a cancer patient is to live. We must do the same with what is killing our marriages.  We need to see our mistakes, our worldly (western/American) view of our marital roles for the marriage killers they are and combat them with a live-or-die kind of passion.   
Does a do–over sound refreshing about now? Well, this must be your day, because God is the consummate bestower of do–overs.  In fact, he would like nothing more than to restore another marriage and give you the do-over you crave.

Here’s all you have to do:
1.      Forgive.
One another. Really forgive. Fully. Just like He did with you. Just like you’re asking your Mr. or Mrs. Right to do for you. Agree to clear the slate. Go wash the car together and let all the dirty washwater and the past be water under the bridge. Start fresh. Do it today.
Then, don’t expect perfection. We husbands and wives have fallen tendencies toward all the things that will mess our marriage up. Old habits die hard. You will not be perfect, your spouse will not be perfect.
2.      Be gracious.
Give grace and receive grace.  Dust each other off, and move forward together.  With the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we can get this thing right. Let a bright future together once again be your motivation, Don’t cling to the telling past and cite it as your reason for not budging one more step toward riding off into the (glaring) sunset together.
Take Home: Do you need a do-over? Are you willing to forgive and be gracious?
Do your expectations of yourself and each other need altering and/or altar-ing?
Does the sunset on the horizon look beautiful? Are you willing to do your part to get there?

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