A Parable

by - October 04, 2011

We built a house once. It was beautiful, and we actually lived in it for a year before God told us to move, but that’s another story altogether. Anyway, long before we could enjoy our new home, we had to hire an architect to draw a blueprint from the sketch we ripped out of our spiral notebook.  Then we had to hire a contractor to make our plans a reality.
You will never believe what happened when our contractor got a hold of the plans.  I know it sounds crazy, but he didn’t argue with the blueprints. Nor did he try to change them. He didn’t lose ‘em, forget about ‘em, or use them as a dustpan to sweep up the endless amounts of caulking dust from sanding walls made by patching sheet rock together until they look seamless.  He didn’t use them as kindling when they started a fire to burn the trash, and they never served as a doormat to wipe the workers’ feet after they installed the hardwood floors. 
The was a remarkable thing. Our contractor never once thought it unfair that he was not the architect. For this I have no explanation. But I promise – it’s true.
Believe it or not, he followed the blueprint to the exact detail in order to build a house that was not only sound, but  boasted the finest craftsmanship.  He got busy doing his job, namely doing every single thing the blueprint called for. The electrician had everything he needed to know right there in blue and white. So did the plumber, the brick masons, the roofers, the framers, and even the counter top installers. 
In fact, at times, they had to share the blueprint amongst themselves because without it, no job could be done to construct the house.  Even the county inspector had to look at them to complete his inspection. Even though they looked battered and worn by the time the house was complete, they had been well-protected by the tube that hosed them every afternoon at quitting time. In fact, the blueprints outlived the construction process, and afforded us a very nice home to live in after construction was complete.

Take Home:  Are you still trying to be the Architect when God created you to be a marital contractor?
Do you value the blueprint of God’s word and seek to follow it?

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