This Funny Thing About Truth

by - October 24, 2011

There’s this funny thing about Truth — it doesn’t bend to fit our circumstances. This can be a real bummer, because it means that we are the ones that have to conform. And that, my friend, might not be so fun.
And sometimes we don’t bend.  We rail and rage against the Truth and against our most unfortunate circumstances. We feel sorry for ourselves because we don’t get our way and can’t have what we want, when we want it, the way we want to get it. But Truth doesn’t step aside and let us pass when we shove ourselves in its way, look incredulous and say, "Excuse me?!" 
The Truth stands firm against your anger, your self-pity, your procrastination, and your excuses.  You can roar, and cry and explain until your heart breaks, but Truth won’t compromise. It is unshakable, a firm foundation. It doesn’t crack under the pressure you place upon it. Truth is a way in the wilderness and a light unto your path. It will guide you safely home. Truth will set you free. Free indeed.
And because it stands firm, it will still be there to embrace you when you come to the end of you.
It’s just this funny thing about Truth.

Take Home:   Selah

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  1. Truth can be a tough, can't it? But you are right, Dawn -- in the end it's what frees us and guides us home.

    I like that you're getting philosophical here!


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