Saturday, October 22, 2011

Much Needed Comic Relief

We lost Mike's dad to a massive heart attach almost fourteen years ago. He was a large man, but he was also larger than life in the figurative sense, too. We miss him on so many occasions for so many reasons.

Mike's parents fled Cuba for the U.S. with young children, and Spanish was their first language. Mike's dad used to insist that it was the heavenly language and warned me that I'd better learn it. He was kidding. I think.  But they both spoke some English as well.

One time long before Youtube, they came for a visit when Mike was going through his second country music phase. He had come across a song by Alabama called It Works. He couldn't help but think of his parents and he played the song for them on the cassette player in the car dashboard. This is what they heard.

{If you are reading in a reader, this post contains a video.}

When the song ended, Mike's dad, with tears in his sentimental eyes, said reflectively, "That song is right — it's work."

We laughed until we cried, after, that is, Mike explained in Spanish what his father had actually said in English.

Take Home: A cheerful heart is good medicine ... . (Proverbs 17:22, NLT)

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