Never Giving Up

by - October 23, 2011

I read a book once by Lori Wick about a fictitious modern-day land where the prince and his princess-to-be came together in a wedding arranged by their parents for political reasons. There was no way out, and the young strangers had to make the best of things. If they had to be married, they both wanted it to be happily at least, so each endeavored from their own perspective to make that happen. And guess what happened?
 It was complicated.
Each was misunderstood on occasion as they got to know one another. Although each learned that the other had some endearing qualities, they also learned things that ultimately needed to be unlearned because they had perceived things wrongly about the other in the first place. They also accepted the imperfections in the other that were inevitably discovered.
In the end, they achieved their goal of wedded bliss because they never gave up the quest for that bliss. They kept trying.

It turns out that motivation is a good motivator.  So is  a vow of  “until death do us part.”
Take Home:  What is your motivation to keep pressing on toward marital contentment?

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