A Week's Worth

by - May 17, 2010

Immensely enjoying this new spiritual discipline -- treasure-hunting for the subtle, and the screaming, gifts of God, that He and I might smile together.... #54 - 72

little wet girlfriends playing in the rain

rain, needed, turning dusty dirt to mud puddles and parched grass to soft, luscious green

early mornings at work so I can get home sooner

phone calls asking when I'm coming home

emails that bring someone so far much nearer

funny Christmas movies in May

listening to Noelle's laughter erupt violently from deep within (don't know how she does that...)

out-going mail with the little red flag standing tall

the smell of freshly mowed lawn

the feel of freshly showered Mike after mowing

chicken cooked on the grill

hearing "That was good, Mom."

grocery store savings

Sabbath rest on a Sunday afternoon

tea party goodness

teaching Reagan to bake, practicing on from-scratch chocolate cake

bushes overgrown with Spring growth needing a trim

muffled singing and acoustic guitar notes seeping beneath Adrian's bedroom door

childrens' rooms kept clean for three days counting with only a little nagging

apples eaten to the core

beautiful journal waiting years for an equally beautiful purpose finally being filled ... with a thousand colorful gratitudes.

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  1. Dawn,
    Welcome to the Gratitude Community! I'm pretty new here, too, but have already been blessed tremendously by so many others with shared hearts for our Father.


  2. beautiful thoughts of graditude. not sure what "Graditude Community" is but it is certainly blessing me! :)


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