No Hero

by - May 07, 2010

A bill was facing the House of Representatives that would impede homeschoolers in our state. I jetted off an email to one of the representatives, who happens to be a personal friend, asking him to safeguard the homeschooling community. Back and forth we emailed for a day or two, and I shared the story, as well as the emails, with my kids.

In the end, Adrian thinks I, alone, prompted an amendment to a bill that will most likely pass into state law, thus single-handedly altering the course of events in the state legislature and championing rights for homeschoolers. I'm a hero in his eyes.

While every call and email helps, it is true that the voice of each one has a right to be heard in this land of the free. My representative was very attentive to my concerns and addressed them promptly and aggressively. An amendment was made to the weak bill due to many calls from the homeschool community. I didn't really do anything to be the singular hero this time, much to Adrian's disappointment. And perhaps I won't any other time either, but what I did do was show my kids that being engaged in the process works. We have a civic duty to engage the culture, the politics, the community. Complaining and withdrawing fall far too short.

So, today I'm not a hero; but I am a patriot.

I hope I have demonstated that the statehouse is not so far removed from our house. That, in fact, the statehouse IS our house. With a review of the legislative process and a living example to engage in first-hand, I teach my kids the beauty, the right, the responsibility that freedom is.

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