by - May 16, 2010

Photo Friday - "Symbols"
In twenty plus years of marriage, Mike has lost two wedding bands. I gave up replacing them and he resorted to getting his own - his current one from the market in Guatemala where we shop for souvenirs at the end of mission trips. So, although it's a cheap souvenir, it's really a wedding band symbolizing unending covenant love.

I, on the other hand, have retired my original wedding set to a box in the corner of my drawer of unmentionables to make room on my finger for my grandmother's. Not only is it beautiful, but her marriage of almost sixty years was, too. (Until death did they part.) She was a woman of poise and Southern grace. I wear her rings proudly and with the hope that I might add to her legacy my own.

The journal beneath is my list of A Thousand Gifts, a symbol of living life with gratitude.

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