Spring Tea Time

by - May 15, 2010

The Spring tea party has come and gone. We gathered again -- young and old, friend and neighbor, sister and daughter -- to breathe Titus 2, in and out. Our first special guest was Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose from the pages of Dr. Seuss. (Hey, that even sounded Suessienne!) We learned from a hodge-podge of forest creatures that it's possible to be a rude guest, who comes uninvited, overstays, and indulges in myriad self-services at the expense of her host.

Our next guest was Love, who brings together polarizing extremes of (1)not knowing how to be polite by following rules of etiquette and (2)having it so down pat that there's time and room to be puffed up with self and critical of others if they don't know it all like we do. Instead, Love, with her twin, Grace, draw extremes from their opposite ends to meet in the middle.

We talked of being all things to all people, of doing our best to be polite when we are guest as well as being hostesses who can put a guest at ease even when they botch something up. It is, indeed, Love that covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)

Speaking of Peter, he was our last guest, who finally humbled himself and allowed Jesus to wash his feet, recognizing his own dirt after all. How often have I been prideful-Peter?

We ate and drank of God's provision on our plate and at our elbow in the seat next to ours. Big and small, black and white, Hispanic and American, we partook of each other.

We worked together to make hostess gifts, preparing to never descend on a friend forcing them to be Thidwick. We shared together the clean-up work; We came and went, hopefully with much less mess than the Cat in the Hat.

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  1. I am so thankful to see how the women of CWO are raising up our girls to be true women of God. This is what the Lord has clearly instructed women to be busy about. I praise the Lord for obedience to His word and how precious our women are in His sight!


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