On Guard

by - May 04, 2010

I joined an online community called 1000 gifts.

Busy life steals the little meaningful things from each day if I'm not paying attention.

And I'm not paying attention.

More and more, I'm distracted by too many demands on my schedule, too many meals to prepare, bathrooms to clean, bills to pay, appointments to schedule.

So here I am, on guard to be thankful, spotting ways to see what I so easily miss, the gift in the everyday living. I'm determined to notice the blessing hidden in the busy-ness, the amazing camouflaged by the mundane.

10 ~ this week's long to do list and the strength to tackle it graciously

11 ~ dinner prepared and in the oven just before lunch

12 ~ flexible work schedules

13 ~ strawberries

14 ~ Benadryl and a needed good night's sleep

15 ~ bringing dinner to my niece and her newborn

16 ~ loud praise and worship service alone in my sanctuary on four wheels

17 ~ catching up on laundry and dishes

18 ~ love that covers a multitude of sins

19 ~ new shoes

20 ~ a hubby who sweeps the kitchen, without complaint that I haven't

21 ~ laughter and family at the dinner table

22 ~ plans for Friday night

23 ~ a house full of teens with open bibles and hearts

24 ~ the smell of newborn baby E, the weight of him in my arms

25 ~ the animalistic motherly instinct all newborns bring forth ... that no man will ever know

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