Weekday Bliss

by - March 17, 2010

A few months ago we decided to put our oldest back in public school. He's a much happier kid for it, and I'm grateful to be just Mom again, rather than his teacher for everything plus Mom. Sometimes less is more.

So the teachers have some time they can plan together as a team each week, the kiddos get to come two whole hours later!! I have been introduced to Late Start Wednesdays. BRILLIANT! Why have I never thought of this?

Wednesday is the perfect day for me to do the same with our homeschool because it's one of only two days each week that I can devote entirely to homeschooling. We sleep later, start later, finish later. (Adrian still finishes at the same time, but sshhhhh, don't tell the girls - they haven't figured out yet they're being shortchanged.) And it's so worth it.

It's like chocolate for breakfast. A massage after overtime. It's like slipping into fresh sheets. Or a warmed towel after a shower. Taking off the high-heels you've worn for 16 hours straight. Just makes you want to say, "Aaahhhhhh!"

Now the hump in my hump-day makes me think of the little pillow lump under my well-rested head. Late Start is like a weekday makeover. A day that competed with Mondays for the BLUUGH award, is totally transformed into something that now runs a close second to Fridays around here (in the Weekday category, mind you. Weekends are still in a league of their own.)

Can you say coffee and computer for fun at 9:30 in the morning? What's not to love? Wednesdays are definitely my newest guilty pleasure.

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  1. Just got back from my 10am meeting, not sure I like you or your pillow very much. :)


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