Tea Party Perfect

by - March 09, 2010

I often wear many hats at one time, but playing hostess and photographer at the same time was too much. My pictures were few and poor. But the time we had was perfect and grand.

We did feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland with about 40 women and girls stuffed into my boxy home. My house kept shrinking and shrinking!

Best manners and pinkies were proudly on display,

as well as every piece of silver I own.

I even bought a pretty little teapot with bumblebees, ladybugs, and flowers on it. The artsy picture I tried to take is pretty lame, though.

And make no mistake - we pigged out. We just put little things on little plates, but it didn't make the calories any smaller, nor our tushes when those calories get comfy and settle in...

We had an eclectic collection of cups and saucers (say that 3 times fast)

and a little lesson on what a good hostess is and does. The bible taught us that when we show hospitality we may wind up entertaining angels or Jesus himself, show off our holiness (even though we're not supposed to show off), and just might save a life like Abigail did.

Not too bad for a first try. Why don't you join us next time? It's high time you had tea!

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