by - March 21, 2010

A lot about parenting feels like groping in the darkness. I usually have a gut instinct about what to do, but often feel inadequate to the task - short on confidence, wisdom, and patience. But this weekend, the Lord has seen fit to give me a few clues that we're groping in the right direction. It's always a good thing when God confirms you're on the right track.

Noelle spent the weekend with her children's choir on mini-tour to sing for a church that was celebrating their 225th anniversary. There are a lot of homeschool families involved that I've not had the privilege of spending time with before. Being around some of these families inspires me to stay at it with homeschooling. I like what I saw as I looked around, and Noelle had the opportunity to broaden some friendships, which she really needs in her life.

While we were gone, Adrian and his father had the opportunity to witness to one of Adrian's neighborhood friends, and he began playing full-time in our church's praise band. Even now as I write this, he's writing a precious love song to the Lord on his guitar.

And just a few minutes ago, before we left our very short Sunday afternoon to return to church for the Hispanic service, Reagan told a friend on the phone that she couldn't play because we were leaving for church. After a silence which meant her friend was talking again, I heard her say, "But I want to go to church. The man who is preaching is my friend, and I want to hear him," telling me my daughter would rather go to church than play with her friend.

So, even though my homeschooling leaves a lot to be desired, my kids watch far too much Disney channel and can't seem to figure out where to put their dirty dishes (ever), it's nice that the Lord drops a signpost as a landmark for me as we try to navigate in the dark. It reminds me that God works beyond our flaws and errors and sees our hearts' desire to rear children who will be bold voices for the Lord is a generation that needs Him more than, perhaps, any other that has come before.

Every now and then we get the chance to see their young hearts for the Lord on perfect display, and it makes my heart sing. I'm really not bragging on my kids nor our parenting skills. In fact this is so noteworthy only because it's such a rarity. Rather, I boast in the Lord for reassuring me that we are on the right path, that faith is often groping in the darkness, and trusting Him for success when I often see only my failures.

My kids are such beautiful gifts on loan from God, to borrow a Rush Limbaugh phrase, that it would be so hard to top that. But God's reassuring signposts along the way tell me that He is so generous, He just doesn't know when to quit. In fact, He pours out his blessing until my cup runneth over.

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  1. Here I raise my Ebenezer. . . Thank you for the reminder of where our Hope is! In the journey with you!

  2. Ebenezer...the name of the church we visited this weekend. Perfect choice of words, Tam! Love it.


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