Armpits Revisited: Answers and Handmaids

by - March 14, 2010

Remember Armpits from almost a month ago about a crisis situation I was facing? Well, just to refresh your memory, my original response was to pray, and pray hard. I wound up with a few questions about my prayer's intensity and purpose, and also God's propensity to listen and reply. At the time, He spoke to my heart telling me to draw near to his side while he stretched forth his hand for my victory.

Well, fast-forward a few weeks and I've got ants in my pants. I'm havin' a little trouble staying put, 'cause I don't do still too well. Guess that's why God's got me practicing that one. The situation remains unresolved, and I'm chompin' at the bit to help God out here.

Today in worship we sang a song that spoke to this unresolved issue. So, as I sang, I prayed for God's glory and peace. The next song was about being used of God. My prayer shifted to asking the Lord to use me to bring comfort and encouragement, to meet the need, enthusiastically declaring I was His handmaid, offering to be used of Him. In fact, fervently asking.

Right about then, God zings me with a doosey of an answer. Well, actually his answer was a question. It went a little like this:

God: (Softly and lovingly) I see your great willingness to be my servant in this situation, your fervent-prayer-situation. Why is your willingness conditional? Everyone's situation is of concern to Me. Do you not have the same willingness to serve Me in another circumstance? Someone else's crisis?

Dawn: (falling to her knees with arms lifted high to her Lord) You know me, Lord, and my selfish ways. You are infinitely more loving, more able to do everything needed in every circumstance across the land. Mine is no less, but nor is it any greater, than the needs of others. I avail myself to You, to go where You send me, to speak any word, to do Your bidding in any situation You choose. Without limit, I am your handmaid, without condition. Use me, send me, as You have your way in every circumstance, hear every fervent prayer, and answer always with your infinite love. Amen.

Did God speak to you today in a way that makes you more like Him? That always makes for a great day. Even if it is a little humbling.

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