Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daniel Fast Day 19 :: Grace

I live life with blinders. Sometimes I unwittingly slip back into thinking it's all about me. I don't mean to — I know better — but it's our default. We are egocentric from the womb.

For two months now, we've been picking up one of Reagan's girlfriends for church. They're bus friends, not school friends, because they ride the same bus, but don't have a single class together. If it wasn't for that bus, they might not even know one another.

You see, Reagan has a brother who can drive her to school. She could sleep later, get there faster, and generally receive more middle school clout for being a car rider. But Reagan chooses the bus, because she chooses her friend.

And then Grace started going to church with us, and I thought what a great thing we are doing. A good deed for God with Mom giving Reagan all the credit.

Then last night Grace handed Reagan a letter that her great-grandmother had written her. Reagan told me it was a little bit about her and began to read:
Dear Grace,
I received your letter yesterday and you can't imagine how happy it made me. I feel that it was the best Christmas present ever. I've been praying that you would meet a girlfriend who would invite you to church, and my prayer has been answered. ... 

Leave it to God to use a sweet little great-grandmother's love for her girl to put me back in my rightful place. It's always God who is front and center, whose deeds get proclaimed and give him great renown.

Only God woos a girl unto himself, uses a girlfriend in the process, answers a grandmother's heart cry, and gently reminds another of his daughters all at once. God loves his girls. And I tear the blinders off, and see only his grace.

~ ~ ~
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