Daniel Fast Day 11 :: Answer

by - January 18, 2012

The guest speaker's name was Thomas. He was friends with some of the guys in our college ministry. I shook his hand, welcomed him, and found a seat among the gathering group. It was a Wednesday night at 8:30, and I had unknowingly introduced myself to answered prayer.

I wish I could recount the testimony Thomas gave that night but I can't. I remember only one thing: that he had been sent to the Persian Gulf to fight a war four years earlier. Thomas was walking the desert sands of Kuwait while I was eating faith from a balcony on St. Charles. We were strangers at the time, two kids right where God had them in order to meet their respective needs. Mine was for peace in my heart. Thomas' was for salvation of his soul. And simultaneously, from different sides of the globe, I prayed prayers of protection and spared life at noon while Thomas placed a midnight faith in God for the first time.

My prayer had come face to face with its answer four years later. It was the only detail that mattered that Wednesday night.

So keep at it, whatever God is calling you to. There's a reason he has you were you are. He will use it for your good and for his good pleasure. All at once or after a long, slow path, whether you are hungry or filled, sacrificing or satisfied, full of faith or fear (or a measure of both), God will answer.

And it will satify you like no food ever did or could.

~ ~ ~
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  1. What an affirming and encouraging post about prayer and perseverance. Wow!

  2. Very Encouraging! Prayer is so powerful! Beautifully written

  3. "There's a reason he has you were you are." I so needed this reminder...today! Prayer is definitely powerful. Thank you for sharing and it's nice meeting you today.

  4. Don't you just love those flashes of insight, where God let's you see a behind-the-scenes glimpse of His planning?

    Makes you wonder how many other times we've been used of Him, and never knew about it...or how many more times we might be used of Him, if we will learn to better following the Holy Spirit's prompting...

    Thanks for sharing!


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