Daniel Fast Day 18 :: Strong

by - January 25, 2012

Part of this living healthier means moving. I've noticed that the brain and the body want to coast on the downhill side. This is another impulse I must resist in order to reap a greater reward later. Because sometimes the glory days happen in the golden years.

There's Abraham and Sarah who didn't have their promise crawling through their living room until they'd waited a full century. Noah built a testament to years of faith that buoyed him above the wet destruction. A grey-haired Moses moved an obstinate nation of people. Samson found his strength one last time as a broken and defeated has-been. Widow Ruth, who should have been a grandmother by now, traveled internationally in search of a kinsman-redeemer. So many did their greatest exploits in their latter years. Anna kept vigil at the temple, awaiting the day she would set eyes on the Messiah. Did they begin to think her senile? Surely she had days of doubt.

Surely they all did.

But none of them gave up hope. They plodded onward, relentless in their lifelong pursuit of God and his goodness. They held fast their faithfulness, and God was able to use them for his glory in their latter days.

None of these figures coasted downhill. They resisted that temptation and pedaled their faith forward.

I want to be ready, available, prepared to do great exploits for Him. It will take a sharp mind and a strong body, so I will continue to lift my weights. Not because I think I'm a Moses or a Abraham, but just in case there's an off chance God might choose me someday to do his heavy lifting.

I hold fast to your statutes, LORD;
do not let me be put to shame.
Psalm 119:31

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  1. "...Resisted temptation and pedaled fast forward..." Thank you. I needed that encouragement today.

  2. Hey, I meant "faith forward" ...guess I was typing too fast when I wrote that comment! Faith is much better than "fast"....or maybe it your case for today that is a good thing.


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