If I Could, I would...

by - April 29, 2011

It's another five minute writing exercise over at MamaJo's.
Today's topic: If I could, I would....


...build a City of Children.

So Baby J could grow up as her eleven-year-old mother's sister rather than daughter. Mother G was assaulted by her own father. She is in great need of healthy attention.

Because there is not enough room where they are to receive the 25 day old baby whose drug addicted mother has already tried to squeeze the life right out of her small body, as fingers ring around her neck, too tight.

Because there is a ministry too large for a so-small church, and more work than two ministers on the ground in Guatemala can do.

But God can. He is limitless, and gives too big jobs to too small churches so He can get all the glory in the accomplishment of good and right.

I would send Rebecca to help, a girl who feels the need to serve in a children's home somewhere in Central America, and then goes to one for an Extreme week to serve. Ours. Hers. His.

They need help. The food, the shelter, the educating of those left and abused. Those needing escape from becoming teenage brides in remote villages.

We pray for $1 million. Why not? Think big. Dream often. Pray hard.

If I could, I would. I can't, but God can.

and He does.


Extreme Team Arriving at the Children's Home, Coban, Guatemala

Links and photo added afterward. 

Note:  The website construction of CiudadNuevaEsperanza.org was donated to our ministry.  It continues to be a work in progress, and English translation has not yet been built into the website.  Google Translator has its limits.

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