Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last Sunday was my brother's, the seventeenth he didn't live to celebrate.  He would have been forty-five...and bald by now.

We never talk on this day, we three that were left to huddle in our grief that terrible day.  Instead we let the day pass, ignore what -- who -- is missing, still trying to move on, even now.

Then God redeems the day.

Two from our next generation celebrate birth into the body of Christ.  Baptismal waters run and wash clean the family death stain from this day.

Fresh tears flow, too.  For the future, for eternal life, for the distance, our absence one from another, and for God's redeeming, even of our days.

Happy Birthday, Daryn and Natalie:   nieces -- Jeff's and mine.  And now our sisters in the family that matters most and transcends this life and its death.
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