Grace Anyway

by - June 27, 2010

The last entry was June 7.

Twenty-one parched days without intentional gratitude. And I count what's dry instead of what's grace, and I am not the better for it. Has there really been nothing to be grateful for since then?

No love in our home, no continued health, no words thundered by the cherished Still Small Voice? No stolen looks, no falling asleep to the sound of Mike's mumbled prayer in the quiet dark over wife, children, home? No childrens' laughter while sharing dishwasher duties? No ice cream cones or swimming after dark with friends? No blackberry picking and no bible reading?

Have I been sleeping? Am I drugged and numbed by overabundance? Am I so spoiled and lazy as to have God's blessings wash through my life unnoticed? Unmerited, yet unnumbered? Unrecognized with thanksgiving?

I busy myself with earthly things of less import, and His blessings overflow my life even still. Grace anyway, always.

In reflection of time spent in a third world region, I am grateful for hot water; access to medical care; the ability to read and write; freedom; God's family ties that bridge nationalities, languages and cultures; a clean and constant food and water supply; a pantry and fridge: two - count them - areas of my home dedicated exclusively to food storage; not knowing what hunger is, not really; shampoo and toothpaste and toilet paper; electricity; chairs and time to sit;

Note to self: Wake up. Count the graces, not the shames. Never stop counting.

Watch, listen, and be astonished by...

~beautiful guitar and cracking, changing teenage voice singing His praise
~godly friends
~red cardinal's visit on window sill as I do dishes
~alarm clock telling me it's time to get up and to the job I am grateful to have
~the book of Jonah and God's mercy of second chances
~parents and children and the opportunity to love selflessly
~family all under one roof again, as we belong
~homesickness and a belated father's day - well worth the wait
~seven years of remission and other testimony telling
~the life and ministry of The Apostle Paul
~seeking with the promise of finding
~spontaneous praise and worship after Sunday evening service, led by the children with a wild heart for their Lord
~that even gratitude comes from Him

gifts #100 - 132 to be grateful for (and make up for lost time), along with many others at a holy experience. Join us and live a life of deliberate thanksgiving.

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  1. Once again your writing touches and moves us to that place. Thank you. I miss you so much.


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