by - June 15, 2010

Photo Friday - "Heavy"
A watchtower in the Castillo de San Marcos
St. Augustine, Florida

A national monument, this 300 year old bastion was built by Spain to defend her claim in the New Word. The castillo boasts walls that are made of a local limestone called coquina and erected over a 23 year period. Although battle scarred, the castillo was never defeated in battle. It is the oldest masonry work in North America and the only example of bastion fortification. Last year, we walked its stone and breathed its air. My favorite kind of history is the kind you can smell and touch and live.

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  1. dear dawn,

    i will be praying for the perfect job to provide
    more than you could hope or dream of.


  2. Dawn it something how God changes the course of our lives even in ministry and it always for good even though we don't see it. After a while it all comes into focus and it is glorious. He has given me jobs as an assignment because there were people He wanted to reach; when it accomplished and then He shut it down. We thank God for you and Mike and the blessing you are to us.


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