Decisions Decisions

by - June 08, 2010

Some are big, some are small, but life just doesn't move forward without them.

We have to evaluate, access, take stock continually.

I've always thought most women want it all. I think it's possible, too, but usually not all at the same time.

I couldn't build a career and rear my children as a stay at home mom simultaneously.

I couldn't live to the standard that 11 years of higher education (between us) usually affords and spend my days filling sippy cups and cutting crust off PB&Js.

I can't wish for the wisdom that comes with age without embracing the extra pounds, wrinkles, and gray hair.

But I can take Katherine Hepburn's wisdom without the extras. I thought it was a killer line in Love Affair, and I don't usually remember movie lines, except "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" comes to mind, but I digress.

Today, was a day for decision. It was election day. We Americans want our cake and eat it too, but happiness is not always found in having it all:

"...Are you happy?"

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  1. Well said, great clip. People put too much stress on things other than just being happy. Hope I'm reclaiming more of that as time goes by. :)


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