Yeah, Right!

by - April 01, 2010

Ok, so in the middle of the night last night, Mike left for yet another trip to Guatemala. Technically, it was today, but 3 am feels like the middle of the night, and to me a new day starts when I wake up to it, but I digress. He's been three to four times each year for five years now. Kind of an old pro.

So,I stumble to the kitchen at about ummm... well... almost 8ish....Yes, it is a school morning around here, thank you very much for noticing my sleeping in and being "lateish" to our school day complete with no shower, pajamas, and no coffee yet. Again, thank you for noticing. I opened the crate to greet the bounding Boomer - have I mentioned Boomer here yet? He's our crazy-in-love-with-his-momma Schnauzer that gives me the once over every time we find ourselves in the same room together. Gotta' love my dog, but I'm digressing again.

So after I let him out for his morning ritual in the back yard, I turn around to find Mike's wallet laying neatly on the kitchen counter. In slow motion, my eyes close and my jaw drops with perfect synchronization. Please tell me this is not happening again!

Yes, I said again. You see, Mike went out of town just a few weeks ago for a PR tour of sorts to promote our Guatemala ministry in several locations around the US. He managed to board nine airplanes and rent and drive 3 rental cars all without his driver's license.

He called me before he boarded the first plane, but after it was too late to return home to get it. His license was in the neat little envelope the bank teller gives you with your deposit slip and your cash back laying neatly in the console of his car. Perfect. I had to leave work, go home to retrieve said license and two hours and $25.00 later, he had a faxed copy and an overnight package with his license in it. All just a mere two weeks ago.

So fast forward back to today when he called me from Guatemala City asking me to leave work, drive home right now, get his license, scan it, and email it to him and the car rental company in Guatemala City. You can clearly see why I was waiting patiently at this point for him to say, "April Fools!"

YEAH, RIGHT! Fat chance of that. My wonderful, dear, beloved, amazing, unbelievable husband has really (no, really!) left the country without his identification. Gone traipsing off in airplanes AGAIN without his license. Are we sure this is not Ground Hogs Day?

But seriously, please pray for him, because after he managed to rent a car without a license, he promptly left the car rental place without his credit card. Hopefully these are the worst of the mishaps as our team of ten pilots our "Extreme Guatemala" mission efforts with the Chi'sek people in the mountains of Alta Vera Paz, Guatemala. They are reaching the unreached people of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you, Mike, and happy Ground Hogs Day to all!

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