L&D Part 3: Hello, Future!

by - April 09, 2010

Mom came. Who knows what she was feeling. We don't often talk about those difficult days. I do know this though, Mom's smile has never looked quite the same since Jeff's been gone, but she had become Grandma.

Wayne, too, made a surprise visit. It was good to be happy.

On Mother's Day, we dedicated Adrian to the Lord and he wore Jeff's christening suit. It was a little yellow with age, but we wouldn't have had it any other way.

Eight pounds three ounces made a marriage a family.
And he did it easily... with style; so easy he could do it in his sleep.

He brought Laughter...
and the magic that only childhood can bring.He exuded Life.He brought us Joy.
Happy Birthday, dear Adrian, my soon-to-be fifteen year old Man-Child.

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  1. Not ready for 15 at all here - glad it's you & Mike :)

    Thanks for posting these, sharing with the masses. Good stuff, Dawn.

  2. So mom, why you gotta talk about Adrian so much!
    Hehehehehe. -Reagan

  3. *sniff sniff

    Just looked at these pics again mom! :) I LOVE YOU AND DAD! <3


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