A Sign of the Times

by - April 12, 2010

You know what happened to me last week?

I got older.

So far, not too many things have made me feel old.

Having three children didn't make me feel old.

Turning (almost completely) gray didn't make me feel old.

Sending my last baby to school made it official - I didn't have babies anymore, I had three "kids." All right, I admit, that one, maybe a little.

Turning 40 didn't make me feel old.

Having a teenager didn't make me feel old.

Getting mammograms didn't make me feel old.

But this week something happened that made me feel old.

Can you guess? Want a hint?

Did you catch it?


Oh my! The eye doctor told me I needed reading glasses. Uuuggh!

That did it - I feel old.

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  1. I thought it was a sign of aging that you were stacking books on the nightstand. I wasn't feeling so alone.

  2. And no I DID NOT change my own blog theme for my own aging eyesight. No way, and I am offended by the implication. :)


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