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by - October 26, 2013

You know Romeo and Juliet, right? Well, they got nothing on this love story. Nothin'.

A love story of love stories.

A local news reporter walked into my office Thursday afternoon at about 3PM. The church I work for is located in one of the most dangerous areas of our city and  he wanted to know what kind of outreach we did in the community to meet the needs of at-risk kids. I put him in touch with Mike, because, although the church I work for does reach out to the community, it isn't targeting kids. But our church does, so I gave Dakarai Turner from WLTX News 19 Mike's card. By 4PM Mike was being interviewed, and the story aired at 11PM the same night. See what our church has been doing for years to rescue kids from a future of gang life, drugs, and prison. Thank you, Dakarai, for a great news package. (Today is the last Saturday of the month and we are out ministering in Arthurtown, a neighborhood in Columbia that only residents enter. Usually.)

Combatting Midlands Gangs With a Lifeline

And finally, this from Emily Freeman at Ann Voskamp's place today. Her book and message about our lives being art is changing me deeply, hopefully in a million little ways.

"The traffic in the sunroom is bumper to bumper." Read the rest here.

Have a great weekend, y'all.

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