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by - October 05, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Duet
There's an adorable, pajama-clad little girl who can't sleep because of the scary fireworks and a dad with a pink ukulele and a mouth-trumpet solo. It's everything wonderful about parenting and childhood.

Emily's Open Letter to Generation Y 
"Maybe you are one of the 300. Or maybe you are a single mother. Maybe you manage a liquor store. Maybe you work at Wal-Mart, the graveyard shift, and you've been told your whole life how much potential you have, but you don't see it.   . . . We are dust, turned into miracles, because of a God who loves us."

The Love of Laundry @ Sayable
Lore Furgeson contemplates the married life she will soon embark on, and she's speaking my language because around here the new life we face, maybe not new — but different, is one without my mother-in-law in it.  She speaks about loving this life, and it will speak to you wherever life finds you right now too.

Inspired RD with Just Be
My weekend wish for you . . . and me.

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  1. I saw the pink uke one and loved it! What a precious, precious father!


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