Weekend Wanderings

by - October 19, 2013

Whether you gain huge popularity or are only loved by your family, whether you influence 10 or 10 million, always approach life with generosity, gratitude, and graciousness.  Love this from Emily this week:

What we can learn from Martha Stewart and Mr. Rogers

An inspiring (and well-written) story by Lane McGregory of Tampa Bay Times about a gutsy kid who is fast running out of time and anger, and so dared to hope went viral last week. I know you saw it somewhere. Twitter, Facebook, somewhere. What you probably didn't see is Flower Patch Farm Girl's equally poignant and unnerving response:

Why We Are Called to Davion

This, from my beautiful, wounded cousin whose God is turning her mourning into dancing, ever so slowly. She's so broken, I think it might only be a toe tapping right now, but she is trusting in the God that has her right where she is, and I hear the quiet, beautiful music in the distance on that road less traveled:

Where Two Roads Diverged and She Had No Choice.

And for all these heart-warming and heartbreaking reasons, I long for more love in the world, the kind that is patient and kind, doesn't envy or boast or keep a record of wrong. These posts this week remind me that for now, we see in a mirror dimly and only know in part. They make me thankful that then, we will see face to face and know fully.

"Love Is" Original music by Adrian González from his album No Record.

Happy Weekend Wanderings, y'all.

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  1. i love your quote about generosity, gratitude, and graciousness
    and have found that it is easy to be equallly gracious to 'every
    man', if i believe every man is equally worthy. and there's
    the rub . . . my thoughtlife, arrogance, and judgment.

  2. <3 Oh, how I long to see a fuller picture. . .


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