A Strategy for When What You Need Isn't What You Want

by - September 11, 2013

I prayed and doubted in equal parts. They cancel each other out and leave me here, still here, under the weight of difficult circumstances. And God has me right where he wants me.

Not defeated. Not discouraged. Not stagnant, alone, or despondent.

But surrendered.

A girl can easily tire of both doubting and praying, because both are a fight and hard work.

*   *   *  

The wrought iron security gate broke away from its hinge and fell on top of me. I might have died there under that weight. It left me unconscious, badly injured, and in medical shock. I don't remember the accident or any of the subsequent events that day including the ambulance siren, emergency surgery, or landing in ICU.

The rest of these stories are at Laced With Grace today. I've got a strategy for when what you need isn't what you want. Maybe you need one of those? Come on over.

Laced With Grace

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