48 Reasons

by - September 15, 2013

1. He is the sandwich-maker.
2. He winks at me at the kitchen table.
3. He doesn't mind doing laundry.
4. He waits up late for Adrian.
5. That he rented a VCR on our wedding night so I could watch the wedding. First.
6. That even though I promised I'd never tell anyone that, it's not that humiliating anymore.
7. His from-the-hip wisdom when he talks with our children. It amazes me every time.
8. Watching him go gray.
9. That he didn't die from pancreatitis or cancer, although he really, really scared me on both counts.
10. He is more zealous than any other man I know.
11. He is a gentleman and treats me like a lady. Always.
12. He is funny.
13. The kids maintain that he's not, but they say so while they are laughing at his quips.
14. His knowledge and love of God's word.
15. That we can speak our own language.
16. When he left for Africa last month, we had an entire conversation with no words, only texted pictures.
17. Twenty-four years together and all the things that come to a long-time marriage that can't be rushed or even foreseen. So worth the wait.

18. That he spent his honeymoon at his new bride's grandparents' winter home in Florida.
19. Even after they changed their plans and came home early.
20. That he decided to live a healthy lifestyle 10 years ago, and has never quit.
21. For letting me finish college after we married.
22. Because you wash my car and keep air in my tires.
23. That he has faced adversity and failures with a rare mix of dignity and humility.
24. When I am lost and even though I have a smart phone with GPS, he looks up the map on his own phone or computer and interrupts what he's doing and talks me through it.
25. That he honed his preaching skills in the bathroom mirror with shaving cream on his face.
26. He's a better preacher because his first humble audience was the unshaven man in the mirror.
27. That he no longer needs to practice in the mirror.

28. He's not afraid to cry.
29. He's not afraid to speak the truth when it needs to be said, even when it hurts and is a real challenge.
30. He lives his convictions even when it's inconvenient.
31. He loves me. Very well, in fact.
32. That he's daring and he doesn't forget to grab my hand and take me with him on those adventures.
33. That he picked Duchess because she was the runt of the litter.
34. That's probably how he chose me too. He's a sucker for the underdog.
35. The way he secured our first date, by not being able to actually ask the question.
36. That he let me pick out the engagement ring, and doesn't mind that I later traded it for my grandmother's ring.
37. He is not easily angered, or insecure or testy.
38. He does what it takes to get the job done, no matter what the job.
39. Our many love songs blogged and Facebooked and the long ago duets we sang.
40. Even the one he sent me in the mail one time long before the convenience of internet and youtube.
41. I love him even though he forgets to wear his wedding ring these days.
42. Even though I'm the one who has to pay the bills and keep the checkbook.
43. Especially because he loves Jesus more than me.
44. Especially because he overlooks my faults and short-comings and still wakes up next to me no matter what has come or hasn't.
45. For the gift of Adrian
46. Noelle
47. And Reagan
48. And for making me look forward to our empty nest.

Happy Birthday, Mike.
All my life and love,

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  1. Love you and Love this. . .Thank you for posting and your faithfulness in marriage. Though for some reason I can't embrace the empty nest. . .

  2. Thanks sweetie. . .you make it easy. I love our life and you immensely! As the Lord grants us the days ahead, I look forward to it just being us two, though I will be blown away if the Lord grants me the blessing of being a grandfather one day :). I loved this - thanks!

  3. So sweet...felt like I was peeking in on a special relationship created by a loving God. You are a blessed couple indeed! Happy Birthday to Mike!

  4. I read Lori's tribute this morning and she credited you with the idea, so I wanted to read yours too. Great stuff here, Dawn.
    Gail : )


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