Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What to Do When Life Gets Hard

There's been tragedy in our family.
The kind that brings you to your knees with no seeming strength to stand back up. 
Our seventeen year-old cousin Elijah perished in a car accident two weeks ago.
And with that Sunday morning phone call, which whispered horrific news,
I felt some measure of the anguish God surely felt when He was instantly separated from his creation,
the one in his own image—male and female, when they ate the fruit and did, indeed, die.

It feels like a sucker-punch, and I'm yet to catch my breath.
Who is ever prepared for this kind of news?
It silenced me for a bit
But I am writing again; because writing is what I do.
Today I write at Laced With Grace from Daniel about what to do when life gets hard.

I dedicate this piece to the Davis Family in memory of Elijah,
who loved God and now sees Him face to glorious face.

I invite you to click here to join me at Laced With Grace.

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