Saturday, April 7, 2012


We're in between the cross and the empty tomb, the quiet place of faith-and-doubt-tension. We've come too far to turn back, but right at this moment, a rolled away stone seems ludicrous and laughable. Was it foolhardy after all?

The day dawns on our dead Savior. Disciples gather with sad quiet, their thoughts unspoken. Were we wrong about Him? He said it himself, "It is finished."

I never liked the Saturday between the sacrifice and the empty tomb. It is the day of darkest defeat. No heroic self-sacrifice, no death defeated. Only death and resurrected doubt.

They serve to make tomorrow's victory all the more victorious. . . in hindsight, of course.

Oh, Lord Jesus, would that I live every doubt-full day with hindsight.

Certainly, Christ made God’s many promises come true.
For that reason, because of our message,
people also honor God by saying, “Amen!”
(2Corinthians 1:20, GW)

Joining Sandra for the stillest of Still Saturdays.
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