And Light Flashes

by - April 09, 2012

It's dark and cozy-warm under cover. I hear the thunder roll heavy across the sky. The black undersides of my eyelids beckon me back to sleep. But rain pours down unrelenting, and electric razor touches a half-night's stubble. Two men, one grown, one growing, mumble preparation into the house silence. When the zipper whizzes past four corners of the suitcase, I know. These are the sounds of fallen earth.

The one where extra water was introduced with divine regret, and now cycles the earth with no permanent place to reside. It evaporates, gathers thick in the blue sky until the weight of it is too heavy and black to be borne, and crashes violent down again with loud cracks and brilliant streaks. And light flashes. Zigzagging its powerful way down to the ground.

Fallen Earth. The one with narrow gate that few will find. The one cursed, that produces only with man's toil, and even then, thistle and thorn. The one that rings with the sound of man's work, the kind that very life itself depends upon. It's strangely different from the happier sound of work's pleasure in the garden. The path is narrow and lightly trod because man is distracted now, busy eaking out meager existence by day and night. Walking with God in the cool of evening not even a vague memory, man the word over is subject to the prince of the power of the air.

And light mesmerizes.

So they go. They pack the gospel, the medicine, the friendship into carry-ons and heft the burden over shoulder. They cross time zones and water gulfs in the sleeping hours to bring hope, peace, life. And light flashes. Headlamps burn before the sleepy man and boy behind the three-o'clock-in-the-morning dashboard.

And light flashes. Blinks on a radar screen of airplane in air traffic control tower.

The only way to some villages is by foot.

Armed with goodbye kisses and warm momma prayers for her boys and the families they travel to, father and son begin their journey to reach fallen man that struggle against fallen earth, and are far from their God. This work, too, is fallen earth's work. In the garden, all was the right of communion. In the curse, all is hidden, a mystery, a choice. Christ in you; the hope of glory. And light flashes. The sinful heart bows and the light of the world sparks fire that changes a life forever.

Soul by soul, village by village, mountain path by rocky tail through Guatemalan jungle, step by step. The work of the Father and the Son done by fathers and sons, daughters and sisters, nine joined by Holy Spirit. And light flashes. A bride is prepared for Lord Jesus, radiant white.

Village of Tamarindo

And light flashes. The Son shines on new heaven and new earth. All have chosen. All is rightful communion again. And my sleepy eyes close in the wee morning hours, yearning for the sights and sounds of new earth.

An edited repost from 2010 as I help prepare Mike to leave with another group of 21 for Guatemala Extreme. One joins the team from New England, two from Mexico. The rest will gather at the airport from two local churches of different denominations (love that!) long before the sun comes up tomorrow. There are so many on this trip that some may be sleeping under the stars in the villages. Pray with me for safety as they do the work of fallen earth? Because prayer is also fallen earth work.

Pitching Base Camp

Joining Michelle as we put feet to the gospel this week.

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful example. Keeping the home fires burning while they go. . .praying for you all this Monday. . .

  2. Praying for you all. I know this must be an intense time both home and abroad.

    1. Thank you, Tammy and Amy, for your prayers this week. I should be used to this, Mike's done it 3-4 times a year for 6 years now. But this time I am struggling for some reason. Perhaps I wish I were going on this trip?

  3. "Prayer is also fallen earth work." Yes! And so much a part of this! I think we underestimate how much God does the work of the people working, by the supply of His power through the people praying! (If that made any sense!) Prayers for you as you "stay by the stuff" -- and do the crucial task of prayer.

  4. you make me ashamed of my pitiful
    contribution to His Kingdom. i will
    pray for your sweet guatemalans and
    precious family.

  5. This melts my heart, Dawn! So glad to have found your site. Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  6. Wow, Dawn, powerful writing here. And prayers for you, and Mike and your son - and all the travelers. That their Good Work will be done. Amen.


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