Friday, February 17, 2012

Come, Delight

You see it on the face of babies as they discover a whole new world. Everything, each color and texture and moment. The creation of God delights the souls of his prize creatures when it is new because we are new.

Have we forgotten? We grow and shoulder this world, see it as responsibility rather than delight. We have forgotten. We think we are to carry it, but the world is his footstool. He rests upon it.  It was never meant to be a burden for us to carry. We couldn't possibly carry Him.

So stop.

And delight.

See it new and fresh. Smell it, take in the heady sent of February. The crunching snow or the budding daffodils, whatever delight He has put before you.

Taste it. See it. Know that he is good and rest.

Because He does. He kicks off his shoes, and delights, for it is all holy. His workmanship is holy. He props his feet up and smiles it in.

Climb in his lap. He invites us. Rest in Him. He wants to be our delight.

It only takes time and desire. It takes throwing off pretend responsibility and seeing that He's got whole world in his hands. And it is beauty and light. It is light dancing in the blue ice sky. He is here. He is there. Everywhere in his creation. It sings his glory.

And we are His delight.

Come as a child. Become delighted.

Joining the Gypsy Mama today for a Friday Five Minute Free Write.

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