Sunday Scripture

by - February 19, 2012

from Matthew 3:2

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  1. first - that's a brilliant picture - no pun intended - but it is very punny (◠‿◠)

    second - I left you the history of Valentine over on your comment - since it was actually a response to a response of "sylvia" I'm not sure if you got the answer via email - I was going to email you but then thought - SILLY - just go read Dawn and leave a comment and tell her tadaaaaaaaaaaa ¯\(◠‿◠)/¯ God bless!!

  2. (And here I'm showing up, right after my name's mentioned.)
    Really cool, and dramatic shot, Dawn!

  3. Yes, it is! And whether we're looking forward or back at the sunset... through the mirror that says it's closer than it seems to be ... that is where we need to be concentrating our lives, moment by moment. Great photo!

  4. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Just like the kingdom. So cool.


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