An X and an O

by - November 01, 2011

It's an X and an O. They're bookends that prop up the beginning and the end of everything written in the books between them. They are the newest addition to my office, a big ole pink hug and kiss sitting there on my shelf. They make me happy, but not just because they're so darn cute. It's their story that makes them so special.

The first time I saw these bookends was during the Christmas season almost a decade ago. They caught my eye and made me think of my sister-in-law because they're just her style and she works out of an office in her home. I could so see these bookends propping up her important files, reference books, or research material, so I bought them and wrapped them in Christmas paper, tagging them with her name. I wanted her to think of us and feel hugged and kissed everytime they caught her eye or caught the rest of her stuff when she pulled something off her bookshelf.  She enjoyed them for many years, and I forgot all about them.

The rest of the story is over at LacedWithGrace today. Why don't you click on through to see what's next for that X and O. I promise it doesn't have anything to do with marriage — 31 Days of that topic is enough for awhile.

Come on, follow those bookends. The Laced With Grace button will take you there.

Laced With Grace

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