Thanksgiving Endurance

by - November 29, 2011

Fits and starts for over a year now, and I'm only halfway there. But why not continue to count anyway? So I start again, each day a new opportunity to discover the wonder and count the blessings.

# 530 — 555

~ talking with Tammy til the phone dies
~ a husband who steadies me, even long distance
~ a teenager who leans into me while we watch
~ an abundant table that tells the truth about an abundant life

~ Mom and me doing the dishes
~ that I sometimes hear His voice speak to my spirit
~ that he confirms his will concerning the hard things
~ deciding to go where He leads me
~ His grace and patience when I fail
~ that He would use me anyway
~ a youth pastor's sermon
~ when toddler thanksgiving breaks the silent tension
~ a beautiful emailed prayer from a neice to an aunt
~ watching them grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man
~ talking about his desires and dreams for the future
~ mothers-in-law who love each other

~ one marriage saved and a woman's courage to say so
~ emails from Wayne
~ Adrian leading worship
~ all my children serving on the platform
~ four nights in a row with Adrian home
~ a husband who flies to grieving friends
~ a father-daughter duet
~ when photosynthesis stops and trees show their true colors

~ the good that can come for a bad situation
~ the struggle of maintaining the posture of gratitude and continuing to count

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  1. Those moms who love each other? I've got that, and it is no small thing.

    It's hard for me to keep counting. I understand the fits and starts. And starting over again is always good.

  2. Wish you were my neighbor too... aaah how I miss you. I too have started and missed the counting. Cedric has kept it up. . .starting again. Waiting quietly. . .


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