A Canopy of Angel Wings

by - November 11, 2011

The desire to serve the little ones grows until it leans on your own front door and you hear Jesus standing at the door knocking. God tells you to open your home to those babies with the undeniable eyes, but you hesitate because it's the home with your wife and your own son and daughter. And these other children come empty-handed, open-mouthed and scar-hearted. They offer only their poverty, exploitation, and they are broken. It might be messy, so you hesitate.

God in his mercy gives you a dream of two angels facing one another with wings that canopy high overhead. The battered, bruised and hurting children pass beneath angel wings and emerge healed and whole on the other side. Is it not unmistakable?

Day 1 and Now

Day 1 and Now

City of Children:  New Hope
So you create a logo and you answer the knocking door. You grow your family from 4 to 24, and it takes hired help and volunteers and faith. You come to America and flash a picture of a family of 24 on the screen and you say, "These are my children," counting the biological ones with the spiritual ones.

Then God gives you a piece of property, miraculously, unexpectedly, paid in full -- somehow -- because you (He?) have been thinking bigger and more, a whole city of children. It takes land that there is lack of in the city. Kids that play on rooftops, need to play in rolling hills. And you are already building lives, so why not a big ole house?

The landscapers and architects study the property and determine the most suitable place to build the home:  on firm ground that is flanked by two mountains, where broken children can pass through the doors, between the mountains and the angels, and be healed and whole. 

When we have his heart, he gives us wings, he moves the mountains until they are a canopy of angels, and unexpected dreams begin to come true.

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Photography by Amber Twitty, one of our resident missionaries in the children's home in Coban, Guatemala.

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 This week's prompt is unexpected.  

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  1. What a wonderful story! God's blessings are indeed unexpected, but so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Wow! Praying for you! What a wonderful testimony of sharing God's love!

  3. this is just fantastic! Praying for you guys!

  4. whoa.. you have my attention...
    I want to know more.
    the whole time I was reading I was thinking this feels Guatemala-y... and it is...you are...
    This is something our family is very interested in.
    I was obviously under the very wrong assumption that only state run childrens homes were allowed in Guate nowadays.
    I will forward this to my husband.

  5. Aaah and Amen. The imagery is stunning. And what a topic! Unexpected...God you are so good.

  6. The before and after photos are stunning visual examples of what love can do.


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