Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wind, Waves, and Words

It has been silent here. I struggle to put words on a screen, but I've never done this as a chore, only of love and bobbing buoyant on overflow.  But lately, what once spilled over has become a trickle that needs a squeeze to produce, and still not one drop of ink on paper, no words, only quiet.

I am tired. Maybe it's the heat, maybe I'm word-weary, or maybe I'm just sick of all the me-me-me.

I started this blog when life was racing past me and I wanted to capture some of it, pin down time, and hold liquid life if just for a moment. But for some reason, I now need to open full throttle, feel my hair whip wild, and not resist the urge to close my eyes against the accosting wind. I'm suddenly okay with life cutting fast and rough through the chop.

What happens in the speed and the blur is something completely different than what happens when I pin the details down tight and tedious. The blur takes faith — eyes closed, arms outstretched to wet wind's embrace. Faith is more than not resisting. 

It thrills, but apparently it also renders me speechless. And right now, the sun's gild in my hair and butterflies in my stomach have my full and exuberant attention — pure and simple.

I'm sure I'll be back.  Though it is as futile and exhilarating as hugging wind with complete rapture, pinning down liquid life with words is another vanity  adventure I simply cannot resist.

I'm joining Dayle today for Simple Pleasures.
Project Simple Pleasures2
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