Sunday, August 14, 2011

There At the Cross

I don't know why it happened this morning while I was taking sermon notes — sorry, Mike.
But the words just started pouring forth, so I mopped them up with my pen and notebook,
the paper absorbing ink, finally:

He did not declare His innocence,
although He was.
He did not call them sinners,
though they were.
He called on the Father and Holy Spirit,
although He was our very answer.
He died at the hands of man,
although He is the hand of God.
He died, yet shall we live.

Have you been to the cross?

The cross, an instrument of execution and doom
become the axiom of our faith,
overcome every atrocity,
every injustice,
every wickedness,
every unfaithfulness and unforgiveness,
every vile and bitter thing.

We were lost to Him,
and He came to find us.
Of course we were there at the cross,
drawn there by our sin,
that which He became
in order us to redeem.
He drew us there for our sin
that He could draw us back to Him.

Draw me nearer, Lord.

He came to ruin at human hands,
yet we come to new life by His.
He is the paradox that pardons,
the Great I Am,
that dwells in earthly tent that i am.
He is unrelenting toward my unrighteousness.
He loves me though I'm laughable.
Forgives, and I find favor.
He's patient when I need peace.
He loves the lowly,
and is our rescue that will return.
He is
 all in all
and all I need.

Have you been to the cross?
Come to Christ. Enter in.
He is all you need.

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