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by - August 01, 2011

I've been to Guatemala only once, but Guatemala has visited me so many times in the last six years that I can't keep count. We are old friends, now, me and that country that knows what time of day it is enough to politely greet me with buenas dias, buenas tardes, or buenas noches all day, every day. Numbers on a clock dictate the appropriate greetings, cycling through days and nights.

Other numbers dictate my praise, which grows and cycles into seasons and years.  We've watched God use a little to achieve a lot. We've seen small things grow into big ones.  We want the next six years to grow taller and stronger and bring God more glory, just like a sunflower seed that gets planted, grows high, blooms sunshine, and thrives golden royalty, with seeds at its center, holding the promise of future harvest in foreign soil.


498 ~ six years of ministry in Guatemala
499 ~ three US churches of different denominations supporting Misioñeros Sin Fronteras (Missionaries Without Borders)
501 ~ six churches with six pastors in six remote villages
502 ~ a children's home with over twenty-five children
503 ~ three full time staff members at the children's home
504 ~ two summer missionaries getting ready to come home to the US
505 ~ four full time missionaries getting ready to join our staff in Guatemala
506 ~ ten and a half acres of land, the future site of our Ciudad de Los Niños (City of Children)
507 ~ that the land is paid for in full and ready to begin construction
508 ~ just like we are as new creations in Christ (paid for and ready for construction)
509 ~ a God who blesses little until it is a lot

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Would you like to travel along with two of our missionaries headed to Guatemala?  Pray for Amber and Andrew, who sold a business to become missionaries? They're documenting God's faithfulness in their adventure at A-Squared in Guatemala.

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  1. Joining you from Multitudes on Mondays. What a lovely post about your gratitude with what is happening in Guatemala. I've recently felt God calling on me to be involved in Guatemala as well as Ethiopia. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful work your church is sharing in! My husband has served on two short trips to Guatemala, so I know through him a little of the needs there. May God supply you and the other partner churches with ample seed for sowing, that He may be glorified in the harvest.

  3. So great to see what God does with willing obedient hearts! You will hear "Thank You's" throughout eternity!


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