Six Villages In Four Days

by - March 16, 2011

It's Guatemala Extreme 2011. Our team is packed, prayed up, and prepared. They go to the ends of the earth with the gospel to the forgotten indiginous people groups of the mountainous tropical jungles of Guatemala.

Wed. March 16 - Travel Day (final destination, Coban, Guatemala - New Hope Children's Home)

Thu. March 17 - Sesaltul Village (hike into the mountains arriving at Sesaltul Village)

Fri. March 18 - Leave Sesaltul village and travel down to Chinaha Village in the morning/and then Sechaj village to minister in that afternoon (we will camp the night in Chisec)

Sat. March 19 - Travel in trucks to Secumaxan village and unload. Travel over to San Juan Bosqo Village and minister there, returning in the evening to Secumaxan Village.

Sun. March 20 - Worship in Secumaxan and then travel to Tamarindo village to minister. Leave in the evening back to Coban and sleep at the children's home.

Mon. March 21 - Worship service at Children's home in the morning and then leave for Guatemala City after lunch (Barcelo Hotel)

Tue. March 22 - Rest day in Guatemala City

Wed. March 23 - Travel back to the USA.

It's become a Facebook tradition that I send Mike "missing you" messages and send him love song dedications.  Stay tuned for this year's messages via the blog.  He will, of course, have computer access only in Coban at the children's home.

Pray with me that our Extreme Team stays safe and God uses them mightily?

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  1. Praying that the good news about Jesus will be heard and received, and for protection for the team.

  2. Praying. . .For them and you. Just remember that your job praying is just as important as being there...Sometimes even more important! Love you.


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