When There's Only Time Enough For One Thing

by - March 06, 2011

When all there's time for in a life is a list, said list should be one of gratitude.
...because life is full to overflowing.
...because life is always rich.
...because flying through the days is exhilarating like a motorcycle ride.
...and because it will slow back down to a new normal soon.

378 ~ blazing twilight sky in the rear view mirror
379 ~ Bradford Pears blooming popcorn
380 ~ Sunday lunch around the dinner table -- homemade
381 ~ God's triune imprint on social and spiritual order
382 ~ Despicable Me with the girls and Mike
383 ~ files cleaned out and a deep cut into the to do list
384 ~ training God's perfect replacement for  my  her two part-time jobs
385 ~ the infinite God who gives all of Himself to me (infinity divided by every christian of all time equals infinity)
386 ~ that God doesn't deal in fractions or divide
387 ~ which prompts a desire to have an undivided heart
388 ~ an arduous art audition
389 ~ potato chips for the first time in a long time
390 ~ a niece who honored me today with her humble conviction
391 ~ a chapter in the bathtub
392 ~ a Sunday afternoon walk with Mike (Who'm I fooling, it was a five mile hike up and down steep hills in preparation for Guatemala Extreme.)
393 ~ sleep
394 ~ daughters wanting to accompany me to the grocery store
395 ~ being ready for Monday
396 ~ five making sandwiches in one kitchen all at once without a collision or an argument
397 ~ a two hour stretch in God's word first thing in the morning
398 ~ God's grace for a challenging season of transition
399 ~ His faithfulness even when I ignore my significance in Him, look to a substitute, and make myself a prostitute.
400 ~ calling my small unfaithfulnesses prostitution (like God does) so I will hate it, not rationalize it
401 ~ the mystery of God with man, Tour 8 from Truth Project with Dr. Del Tackett
402 ~ the scandalous price He paid for me
403 ~ being bought and belonging to Him

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  1. I came over from Ann’s linky today. It’s day number two of reading thank you lists.

    And first – the list comment – those interminable lists! The plague of humanity!! Excetpt thank you lists :)

    My fave from the list - well the last two actually 402 ~ the scandalous price He paid for me 403 ~ being bought and belonging to Him70 (I forget sometimes to think of where I’d be without him – mostly I remind myself – today you reminded me). {Smile}

    Thank you for this today. It was happiness with punctuation.

    God Bless and Keep you and yours

  2. We are bought and paid for. And sometimes in the mess of life we plow through and forget that. . .that most important of truths. And as this life marches forward if we don't cling to that we run adrift and are stuck and the redeemer of humanity goes overlooked. . .how desperately I do not want that! Thank you for the grounding, the reminding.

  3. 399. indeed ...call it like it is...I like the honesty and the way it smacked me in the face. Glad you had fun on the hike!


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