Wreaths and Rings

by - January 20, 2011

I've mentioned before my affinity for this place near my home. It's a piece of rural and cultural Americana right there on the corner between suburbia and the concrete jungle. It provides me equilibrium as I race past it daily in both directions. And right now, it still looks like this:

What's not to love about this? It's Norman Rockwell come back to life. The wreath delights me, even in late January. Lingering Christmas decorations are usually a pet peeve. They smack of laziness and a lack of cooperation with Grandfather Clock. But I'm sad every year when they take it down, because the sight is irresistible.

And speaking of irresistible ... those earrings were, so she faced her fear and did it.


And both the barn and the girl look beautiful in their adornments, and both make me smile.

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  1. So sweet! Love that barn...and your girl is brave!

  2. Hooray for your dear daughter! She looks lovely!

    Oh, by the way: at my house, we smack of laziness and a lack of cooperation with Grandfather Clock!

  3. Way to go Noelle! You look great ...and so much like your mom!

  4. I don't know why my posts keep getting lost! Yeah Noelle. You are beautiful, just like your mama. And my decos are still up-minus the tree. The lighted garlands, Christmas cards,pointsettas. Yup, maybe til February. It's 10 below. It's too cold to go to the attic to get the boxes!!! ;)

  5. Ok, Boonies-Susan and Tammy, I hear ya. I almost went in the direction of how judgmental I am in this post, but it didn't provide the right mood for Noelle's earrings, so I hit delete.

    My olive branch to you both? This weekend I ironed and put away the Thanksgiving table linens that have been at the bottom of the ironing pile for 2 months.

    Talk about inconsistency, huh?


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