A Return to Good Things

by - January 24, 2011

343 ~ husband-polished kitchen cabinets after I've gone to bed
344 ~ finding his hand and feet the next morning before we find our voices, and me my surprise in the kitchen
345 ~ a complaint from him when we are two ships that pass in the night — it's not marriage acceptable
346 ~ a son's offer of help cooking dinner when I'm short on time
347 ~ returning to the counting since it's been too long crowded out
348 ~ another list that spurs my conviction to continue counting and see His hand move
349 ~ a line in the sand kind of decision made, the relief–fear that follows
350 ~ God–orchestrated possibilities
351 ~ growing from fear to worry to waiting anxiously to just waiting to real trust in Him
352 ~ that He is completing the work he started in me, a gargantuan task
353 ~ when Adrian makes music
354 ~ a coming of age
355 ~ continuing after the novelty of newness is gone
356 ~ getting stronger
357 ~ when God collides two men in an airport and knits ministries together
358 ~ sunshine to warm just a bit the day cold with wind
359 ~ new make–up that makes me feel pretty
360 ~ the surprise of having to cut down on the sugar in my coffee (because it's too sweet now) after cutting back on so much sugar in my diet — Yea!
361 ~ Mom's surgery on the second eye, saving what sight she has left
362 ~ learning a Christian worldview
363 ~ Arturo's happy homecoming, a return to Nueva Esperanza Hogar de Niños in Guatemala

Counting in community with countless others.

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  1. I try to count this morning and it comes haltingly. So many questions. Why such a young man? Who is next? Was God there? Can He be there when He is not invited. And the thanks comes hard this morning. It is stuck in my throat,where tears want to come instead...

  2. I know how useful 346 can be and am so thankful when my 15 year old takes on that role.

  3. Your husband's help is a sweet blessing. I'm thankful to mine for vacuuming. And wanting to cut down sugar- yeah!


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