Guest Posting at Lea's

by - January 30, 2011

My sweet friend Lea who writes wise and witty letters to Emily (or me, or you, if you'd like to read them) asked me to write a little something for her on raising teens. I'm not sure if I'm at all qualified for this task, but the verdict will be in in about ten more years if you'd prefer to wait for evidence. If you're not that patient, you could just go on over to Lea's to see what I've learned so far. You can get there by clicking here.

It all began with this little picture....

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  1. Enjoyed this post at Lea's....Oh, my, "50 is 50 is all I have for you"...well not really! It is great..I couldn't ask for more, I have a five year old at this age, four adult children, and raising a teen is more than I could have for Geritol...that is for the laugh..My strength is in Him, and He supplies abundantly beyond anything I could imagine.
    Thanks for stopping by this grey hair's blog.
    Blessings to you as you have a long road ahead before you come to my part of the journey

  2. Hi Dawn:

    I'm hoppin over from your post at Lea's. I loved it. Good thoughts, and your kids are blessed to have you as their mom.

    I've enjoyed visiting here and reading some of your postings. You are one busy lady, and probably wouldn't have it any other way. I laughed at your comment about starting to blog since you apparently had so much time! :)

    I'll be back...


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