Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

You know those emails that circulate round and round and never stop? Well, my youngest daughter loves them. She sends them to her entire contact list and eagerly awaits her  responses.

Yesterday she sent one out that asks lots of questions about yourself, and one of her answers just knocked me off my desk chair, because it is true: pride goes before the fall. I thought I'd share it with all (two) of you, since it was quite profound and from the heart of a little girl.

The Question:

"What do you think a best friend should be?"

: : :

The Amazing, Eleven-Year-Old-Girl Answer:

"Christian, trustworthy, funny, knows when to laugh, when to change the subject, and when to just listen. Knows when I'm having a bad day (and how to handle me on them), confidential, crazy(in a good way) and doesn't back down from a challenge. offers good advice." 

Dear Lord,

Make me a best friend, I pray.

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