Naming Them One By One

by - September 06, 2010

I have a perpetual To Do List. It is never complete and continually evolving. What a blessing it is to have now another list that is perpetual, ever-evolving, and never complete. It's God's Done List, entrusted to my keeping.

210. autumn skies, crisp and clean; the summer haze mysteriously and prematurely absent

213. Mom's approaching kidney transplant anniversary

214. phone calls from Dad

215. leaving job interviews having learned that you really are an alien, stranger to this earth because you can't answer their questions or play the "corporate America" game

216. humbled that the true answer really is, "I want God's will for my life," "I want to serve the Lord,"

217. loathing interviews because of the competition, the comparisons, and the selling of oneself

218. thankful that I'm good at none of the above?

219. a scary realization that I have gotten not one of the jobs on the resumé based on my own merit

220. a husband who is not like me: when I see my own insufficiency in black and white, he sees a list of God's faithful provision

221. when fear is humbled before almighty God

221. conversation with Mike cradled in the cover of darkness, supported by touching toes, and the safe fortress that is our bed

222. our bedroom: square footage in our home dedicated exclusively to our marriage

223. door locks to employ when necessary, to ensure and protect
 the above

224. trimmed bushes

225. watching the banana spider that has webbed his way into our kitchen window this week

226. the welcome mat at the front door gently reminding that our home is much more than a place for clean feet

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  1. "humbled that the true answer really is, "I want God's will for my life," "I want to serve the Lord," <- I'm learning this! It is so awesome to sit and know after that realization. . .

    GL with your job interviews, although luck probably wonnt make a difference!;)

  2. 220-221? Um, amazing!

    Love your thoughts on 226!

    Hoping everything with the job applications work out!


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